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Theme Real Homes là một giao diện WordPress tuyệt vời cho các trang web bất động sản. Nó cung cấp thiết kế theo định hướng mục đích với tất cả các tính năng hữu ích mà một trang web bất động sản cần. Giao diện Real Homes wordpress thực sự tạo điều kiện cho người dùng ở giao diện khách nhìn cũng như quản trị viên và giúp quản lý bất động sản dễ dàng.

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  • Added – Agent contact form in sidebar for Property Details page in modern design.
  • Added – Support for Page Contents to all page templates in both design variations.
  • Added – Selective Refresh Support for Widgets.
  • Added – Property Filter Options for Gallery Templates.
  • Added – Next and Previous button on Property Details Page in Modern variation
  • Added – Year Built Property Field
  • Added – Support for print styles for Property Details Page in Modern variation
  • Added – Filters hooks for labels and other function arguments for Agents, Properties, Slides, and Partners Custom Post types
  • Added – Login link on Member pages.
  • Improved – Updated Google Fonts
  • Improved – Translation strings on Membership Template Page in Modern variation
  • Improved – Customizer options for Footer Logo in Modern variation
  • Improved – Meta boxes layout in Property Listing and Grid Listing Templates
  • Improved – Favorites settings by Moving Favorites section to the main Customizer panel
  • Improved – Compare Properties settings by Moving related settings to a new panel in main Customizer panel
  • Improved – Reorganized Price Format and URL Slugs panel in Customizer
  • Improved – Changed default setting of header to banner in Modern variation
  • Improved – Property Video on Property Details page
  • Improved – Property views and related settings.
  • Removed – Admin notice for version 3.0.0 update
  • Fixed – Default label for Terms and Conditions option
  • Fixed – Google Maps info box size and position
  • Updated – Included Plugins
  • Updated – Translation files
  • Updated – Documentation
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